Latest News | NutriPlex Formulas - Part 6

Latest News

The nutrients within NutriPlex Formulas’ VasCor have been shown to assist the cardiovascular system by not only promoting these three improvements, but also by supporting the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. The healthier your heart, the healthier your entire body!

To give your defenses the extra support they need, use Vital Defense, a formula created by NutriPlex Formulas. The potent combination of foods and herbs in Vital Defense have been proven to supply the liver and immune system with the nutrients they need to not only reduce the impact of environmental toxins on all bodily systems, but to also help the body recover from the damage it’s already sustained.

Now that autumn is upon us, balancing work and play becomes increasingly harder. With so much going on, our emotional health needs support. Few would guess that nutrition plays a vital role in how well we handle stress.

The nutrients contained within NutriPlex Formulas’ female-support supplement, FemPlex, have been shown to lessen the severity of symptoms at the cellular level, helping to balance hormones and resupply the body with nutrients that are commonly found to be deficient and contributing to menstrual-period discomfort.

Unrefined coconut butter offers the body a unique combination of fatty acids that have been highly regarded for their immune-boosting, metabolism-stimulating, hormone-regulating, cognitive-enhancing, skin-repairing, and cardiovascular-promoting properties.

Endocrine glands take on the critical task of releasing hormones to be carried throughout our bodies. If you can think of all the problems related to stress alone (lowered immune system, lack of sleep weight gain, high blood pressure, and the list goes on…) or maintenance of healthy muscle and bone mass (osteoporosis, arthritis, joint stiffness, decalcification, etc.), you can imagine the breadth of issues resulting from unbalanced hormones. Stress and maintenance of healthy muscle mass are just two of the many, many factors controlled by the hormones.