4 Herbs Athletes Should Incorporate into Their Daily Regimen

To be in peak physical condition, athletes must put a lot of strain on their bodies.

To become stronger, athletes must tear their muscles; to become faster, they must hit the pavement over and over again.

This act of breaking the body down through repetition leads to athletes’ bodies rebuilding themselves – better, faster, and stronger.

But the body simply won’t recover fully without the right nutrients to help it along.

The ingredients within NutriPlex Formulas’ InflaPlex work with your body’s natural healing process to help prevent and repair injury.

Take a quick glance at these four herbs and how they fit into sports medicine:

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Buckwheat is a no-brainer when it comes to health and athletic performance. Rich in bioflavonoids – especially in Rutin and Quercetin – buckwheat is great not only for cardiovascular health, but also for healing from sports injuries. Flavonoids have ben found to help relieve such sports injuries as pain, bumps, and bruises, as well as excessive swelling caused in damaged tissue.


When it comes to minor injuries, bilberry is likely to be of some help. The main substances in bilberry are called “anthocyanosides,” and they’ve been praised for improving night vision (by World War II British Royal Air Force Pilots), as well as for treating tissue damage, blood vessel damage, and reducing inflammation.


Because the roots of the alfalfa plant extend as far as 60 feet into the soil, they’re able to absorb more vitamins and minerals than most other plants. Thus, alfalfa has so much to offer athletes – quicker healing from bruises and scrapes, pain relief, reduction in inflammation, and much more.


Parsley’s popularity with athletes goes back thousands of years, to when the ancient Greeks made wreaths of parsley with which they crowned their sports champions. Full of vitamins and minerals to keep any competitor healthy, parsley boasts anti-arthritic, immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties amongst its many benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful supplement to your fitness training, look no farther than InflaPlex. In its formulation, InflaPlex contains not only buckwheat, bilberry, alfalfa, and parsley, but also a number of other ingredients that work to support inflammation and repair.


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