Chronic fatigue looks a lot like B complex deficiency

by Vic Shayne, PhD


Is chronic fatigue vitamin B deficiency?? Take a look

The medical community, in partnership with Big Pharma, likes to create diseases and syndromes. This way they can formulate a drug and treatment program, and they can prevent anyone but a medical professional from offering a solution – even if the solution is simple and natural. One such example is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. explains that “chronic fatigue syndrome is more than feeling tired all the time. It comes with a lot of other symptoms that can make it hard to handle daily life. Even simple things like walking to the mailbox or writing a letter can make it worse. The fatigue and symptoms can last 6 months, or can go on for years. Sleep and rest don’t make it better, either.

If you have ME/CFS,” says webmd, “you’ll have these three ‘core’ symptoms:

  • Reduced ability to do usual activities for six months or more because of fatigue
  • Worsening of symptoms (difficulty thinking, problems sleeping, sore throat, headaches, feeling dizzy, or severe tiredness). after usual physical or mental activity
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Along with the three symptoms, you must have one of these for a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • Problems with thinking and memory
  • Worsening of symptoms while standing or sitting upright ; you might feel lightheaded, dizzy or weak, and you may have blurred vision or see spots.”

This so-called disease is treated with drugs, though the medical profession is the first to admit that they cannot cure it in the least. The drugs are to quell symptoms, make someone drowsy enough to sleep, stimulate the appetite, and kill bacteria. Why kill bacteria? Because it’s a knee-jerk response, akin to scratching your head when you can’t figure out a difficult problem. For those of you who have been practicing natural healthcare for decades, you’re most likely rolling your eyes by now.

What can you do for someone reporting the above symptoms? Feed the body, rest the body, and address the mind and spirit. 

As noted, nearly all of the symptoms of chronic fatigue are the same as vitamin B complex deficiency and adrenal insufficiency. BUT DO NOT USE vitamin C vitamin pills, because they won’t work. The whole food is needed, which is why BFood whole food supplement is suggested. Here is Dr. George Siegfried’s nutritional schedule Dr. Siegfried has been using NutriPlex’s whole food formulas since we opened our doors 26 years ago:

BFood tablets: 8 per day

AdrenaPlex capsules: 4 per day for 5 days then reduce to 2

Green Nutrients tablets: 8 per day

FlavoC tablets: 6 per day

FlavoC is high in vitamin C, which is desperately needed for the function and health of the adrenal glands.