8 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving (without Your Annual Acid Reflux)

Let’s face it: Some Thanksgivings are better than others. One year might be thanksgivingbursting with happiness, with your loved ones all gathered around one table, reminding you just what matters in life. Another year might involve sitting around
a table with your family’s many personalities, in what ends up being a five-hour exercise in tolerance, in the name of celebration.

If you’re faced with a more chaotic Thanksgiving this year, trust us, it’ll all go by much more smoothly if you just accept the craziness unfolding around you and not internalize it. The fact is, your family, and the annual melding of its different personalities, is beyond your power.

That said, don’t throw up your hands and drown your woes in a Thanksgiving cocktail of mulled wine and extra helpings. For that’s truly where you will have gone wrong!

Your digestion is the one thing at the dinner table you can control!

So many Americans go to bed the night of Thanksgiving after suffering from acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, gas, cramping, and other such digestive discomforts.

Why? Much of it has to do with their eating habits at the feast.

There are a number of foods (if you can call concoctions such as the marshmallows placed on top of Aunt Bertha’s sweet potatoes a “food”) known to cause digestive problems because simply just too tough for your body to break down.

Tough foods for your body to digest are those that contain bad fats (such as canola, corn, or vegetable oils), are high in sugars (natural or otherwise), or are processed. The body also has a tougher time breaking down alcohol and large amounts of protein.

To avoid ending the evening in misery, go into dinner with a game plan.

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Check out these 8 tips for surviving your Thanksgiving, without feeling like you’re missing out:

  1. Curb your appetite by drinking a delicious and nutritious smoothie of fruits and vegetables half an hour before sitting down to dinner
  2. If you know you like going back for seconds, fill your plate only half as full when you take your first servings
  3. Load up on green vegetables, and eat those first
  4. For every sip of wine (or other alcoholic beverage you might have), take two of water
  5. Avoid eating anything fried
  6. Make carbohydrates only a small portion of your dinner (Did you know that carbohydrates are what make you feel tired after Thanksgiving? Not the turkey)
  7. If you must have dessert, ask a friendly relative to serve himself/herself a little more, so you can pick off of his/her plate, instead of taking your own
  8. Take 4 DigestPlex midway through or after the meal

DigestPlex, by NutriPlex Formulas, helps the body break down all of that food into smaller, more digestible nutrient particles, so they can be used for cellular health. DigestPlex lessens the burden of the digestive system – and if ever there were a time your digestive system needed back up assistance, Thanksgiving would be it!

So, sally forth to your table of cantankerous relatives and those dishes overloaded with tasty wonderment! Just remember – your digestion is in your own hands! Eat and drink merrily, but responsibly, and show your digestive system some mercy by taking 4 DigestPlex as you do so.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team NutriPlex!