What Pollution Does to Your Body & How to Defend Yourself

unnamedThis experience is probably familiar to you: You’re walking down the street and minding your own business, when a truck drives by and fills the air with black clouds of exhaust. You’re left coughing and gasping for oxygen, trying to wave the stench away.

Seconds later, you’ve moved on mentally, but your body is still dealing with the grim effects of that air pollution. While it may seem as though such an experience boils down to nothing but a minor unpleasantry, research shows that even short-term exposure to diesel fumes has a negative impact on brain activity.

So when you consider just how often you’re exposed to pollution from exhaust – whether it’s when you’re stuck in traffic on the highway, sitting outside at a cafe, or even talking to a friend in a parking lot – you can imagine how much your health is impacted by it.

And, unfortunately, exhaust is only one among many sources of toxins that your body is forced to contend with on a daily basis.

Nowadays, these toxins are nearly everywhere:

– In drinking water

– In gases plastics emit

– In department store clothing

– In bathwater

– In foods

– In carpeting

– In cleaning products used at the office and at home

– In parks and gardens

– In hair and nail salons

– And the list goes on

Short of moving to a region untouched by humankind, it seems impossible to avoid a run-in with toxins in one form or another. So what do you do?

You do the best you can.

For starters, eat an all-organic diet to cut back on the amount of chemicals you’re actively consuming. Then, filter the water you drink and bathe in, and switch to non-toxic household cleansers and personal care products.

Of course, though, even if you adopt every tactic you can to safeguard your home, you’ll still have to contend with a certain amount of toxins in your environment – especially if you want to venture into the outside world at some point. And all of those exposures will inevitably add up, and your liver will suffer as it works on overdrive to fight off the chemicals invading your body.

The liver functions as the body’s filter, catching many of the toxins that enter from diet and various pollutants and expelling them as waste, thereby preventing them from inflicting further damage on other systems.

However, the liver isn’t designed to deal with the tremendous load of so much pollution, and it eventually becomes clogged and backed up. This leads to a number of illnesses as the liver struggles to function and toxins leach into the bloodstream and make their way to other organs.

Among the illnesses caused by pollution are several kinds of cancer, respiratory infections and irritation, heart disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, neurological disorders, immune system

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problems, hormone disruptions, reproductive problems, and brain problems. The list doesn’t end there – just take a look at our infographic.

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