4 Processes that Lead to a Better Immune System

At times, the winter can seem like one long game of tug-of-war between sickness and health. Just being around other people laughing or sneezing can make you nervous.

But have faith in your immune system! It knows the most efficient way to battle and prevent illness!

With the right nutrients, you can bolster your immune system and fight off any threats to your health!

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The Nutrients within Immune Support Strengthen Your Immune System by

1. Elevating its Number of Antibodies: Antibodies circulate throughout the body in search of foreign entities, such as viruses and parasites. If your antibodies encounter any, they bind to their target and work to destroy them.

2. Producing More White Blood Cells: There are a few kinds of white blood cells. Depending on which type it is, a white blood cell will travel the body looking to destroy diseases or bacteria and/or viruses.

3. Raising Interferon Levels: Interferons are proteins that essentially serve as your body’s alarm system. They are created by cells to alert other cells to the presence of such pathogens as viruses, parasites, cancer, or bacteria. They work to “interfere” with the spreading of viruses and to activate white blood cells.

4. Increasing T-Cell Count: Playing a crucial part in all types of immune system responses, the term “T Cell” serves as an umbrella for several subdivisions of cells, each with its own purpose. Among those purposes are to destroy cells carrying viruses or tumor cells, to recall past infections and benefit future defense strategies, and to recognize and prevent auto-immune disease.


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