The Holiday Season is Exhausting – Could Dropping Blood Sugar Be the Reason?

It’s not uncommon this time of year for even the most festive among us to experience sudden losses of energy and darkening of mood. These feelings are frequently written off as reactions to overstimulation, caused by so much excitement or stress. Maybe. But symptoms like dizziness, nearly blacking out, sudden fatigue, and so forth can also be attributed to dropping blood sugar.

Blood sugar levels, if constantly escalating and falling, can lead to much more serious problems, such as Metabolic Syndrome. This condition results when your body is no longer able to control christmas sweets blood sugar levels, and may be the forerunner of more serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

But why would you experience dropping blood sugar more at this time of year? 

Put it this way: There’s a reason people feel much healthier in the summer: They’re consuming far less sugary food and alcohol. And they’re more active. So many of the reasons people look forward to the winter months – to enjoy their fill of hot chocolate, eggnog, cookies, cakes, party treats, etc. – are the very things that lead to their feeling ill.

What Happens When You Consume an Excessive Amount of Alcohol or Sugary Food?

First, you’ll feel energized because a high level of glucose (sugar) has entered your bloodstream (blood sugar goes up!) – all of that energy races to your brain and your muscles.

But the effect doesn’t last because your pancreas is working on overdrive to lower your blood sugar levels, secreting insulin to bring it back down. The effect is a drastic and sudden reduction in the energy being supplied to the brain (low blood sugar!). That’s when the sufferer suddenly experiences any number of problems.

What Do You Do?

While some people may find that eating a little bit more sugar can alleviate the problem, it’s faulty logic to rely on the same damaging substance to save you from the very problem it’s causing.

A better idea would be to consume the sweets in moderation, if you must have them at all. As explained by Dr. Sarah Myhill in her article, “Hypoglycaemia – the full story,” “Subconsciously, people quickly work out that eating more sugar alleviates these symptoms, but of course they invariably overdo things; the blood sugar level then goes high and one ends up on a rollercoaster ride of blood sugar level going up and down throughout the day.”

Blood Sugar Holidays Infographic

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Generally, if you find yourself with symptoms of dropping blood sugar, you’ll want to sit down and rest before you can recover. If this happens, you may want to take a moment to think back to the amount of sugars you’ve recently ingested, including those from alcohol, so that you become more aware of how your diet is affecting your blood sugar levels so you can adjust your habits.

Another preventive measure against dropping blood sugar is to take NutriPlex Formulas’ GTF Complex. GTF Complex is a whole food supplement that’s effective in assisting the metabolism of sugars and helping insulin balance blood-sugar levels. Taking two tablets before you eat will give you added support you need to properly metabolize your food and avoid doing your body harm.

While it’s important to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, remember that feeling ill is hardly enjoyable. So, if you choose to indulge once in awhile, just be careful not to go overboard, and take GTF Complex to support healthy blood sugar levels.