3 Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Life changes when you’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. You start keeping a close eye on everything from your weight to how spicy your food is to your stress levels. You feel like you’re always walking on eggshells.


Because, when it comes to issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pains, or irregular heart rate, being careless could result in a struggle for survival that leaves you feeling desperate and helpless.

To avoid such problems, the best thing to do is strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. By providing your body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild a stable cardiac environment, symptoms of distress can diminish naturally, as an effect of improved health.

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When your cardiovascular system isn’t functioning properly, there are 3 improvements you’ll want to focus on:

1. Dilating Blood Vessels – A common problem for those suffering from cardiovascular issues is constricted and blocked blood vessels. Blood vessels constrict during stress and without enough elasticity; blockages occur as a result of inflexible arteries that crack and erode. With proper nutrition, you’ll be able to relax your blood vessels to allow more blood and oxygen to reach your heart, arteries, capillaries, muscles, nerves, and various organs.

2. Protecting Against Plaque – Plaque build-up, caused by harmful cholesterol and calcium deposits, blocks the flow of blood to the heart and the rest of the body, and is the leading cause of death in the United States.

3. Restoring & Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure Levels – High blood pressure results from not enough blood flow through your arteries, caused by weak or damaged blood vessels, stress and excitement.


The nutrients within NutriPlex Formulas’ VasCor have been shown to assist the cardiovascular system by not only promoting these three improvements, but also by supporting the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. The healthier your heart, the healthier your entire body!

Rebuilding good, lasting cardiovascular health takes time. Get started now-

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