Inflammation: The Key To Healing

Contrary to popular belief, inflammation should be encouraged and fed, not hastily eliminated.



When a person has an injury (such as a sprain) or has a cold, inflammation occurs at the site of the injury – whether it’s in the irritation of the joints or the swelling of the sinuses (congestion)

Inflammation is crucial to the body’s healing process

It encases the injured area in a protective covering that provides heat and nutrients, while summoning the immune system to heal the area within it.

When you take a drug to get rid of the inflammation, that area becomes vulnerable to further damage and is denied the conditions necessary for full recovery. This means the area will continue trying to create inflammation so that it can complete the healing process, and it will take much longer to heal.

It is counterproductive to try and stop the inflammation, which results in the disruption of the entire healing process!

The Key is to Support Inflammation!

The foods within InflaPlex provide the immune system with specific nutrients inflammation needs to repair the injured area quickly and thoroughly.

The nutrients provided by InflaPlex support white blood cells, T cells and lymphocyte activity; repair damaged tissue; naturally reduce swelling; heal bruises; speed up cold and flu recover; and so much more.

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