Vic Shayne, R&D

Director of Research & Development

Vic Shayne, PhD, was graduated in 1978 from the University of Florida and received his post-graduate degrees from the University of Natural Medicine, specializing in Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Shayne’s thesis on Whole Nutrition was published and used as the basis for his work in formulating NutriPlex Formulas’ clinical line of whole food supplements.

Based on his research and years as a practitioner, Dr. Shayne has published several books on natural health care, including Whole Food Nutrition, an evidence-based treatise on the benefits of foods over isolated vitamin pills, and has written more than 200 articles. He has also published The Super Foods Diet showing, through scientific research, the efficacy of nature’s whole foods in health, healing, cellular function, and disease prevention.

Dr. Shayne is personally committed to organic and biodynamic foods, chemical-free lifestyles, and natural healing.