Our History

27 years ago, NutriPlex Formulas was founded by healthcare practitioners looking for a truly 100% whole food company offering organic ingredients in a clinical line. When they found none existed they formulated their own.

NutriPlex Formulas is one of the few organic companies that is female-owned and operated. And both of our owners are experienced natural healthcare practitioners!

Since we opened our doors, Nutriplex Formulas has catered to a sophisticated niche of doctors who have touted our accolades for us so we could spend our resources on research and development.

We continually search the world over for the highest quality ingredients and we have created standards for quality that transcend what other natural health companies are doing. We don’t believe in flashy marketing or pharmaceutical effects. We believe in the healing power of nature’s foods grown under the sun. Why? Because our bodies know the difference between vitamin pills and artificial ingredients, versus natural, organic, whole foods.

“We’ve taken our time to provide the best in whole food nutrition because special care and attention to quality, plus a commitment to natural healing, is our approach to greatness.”
– Janice Shayne, CEO founder of NutriPlex