Janice Shayne, CEO


Janice Shayne has been in the natural healthcare field for several decades She is a transpersonal psychotherapist, a state-certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified clinical whole food nutritionist.

She first became interested in whole food nutrition after her two children were born, more than forty years ago. She became fascinated with how food choices and preparation methods made a tremendous difference in intelligence and school performance, as well as her kids’ immunity to illness and their overall disposition.

This led Janice to return to college and afterwards begin practicing as co-owner of the Holistic Health & Counseling Center in Carefree, Arizona, in 1995. There she worked with clients as a psychotherapist in areas that ranged from ADD and Alcoholism to Eating Disorders and Cancer patient survival issues. She worked with several Olympic Athletes on Sports Performance using her hypnotherapy skills and was offered a position with the Arizona Cardinals, the Suns and Diamondbacks.

In 1997, Janice’s and her husband’s clinical experience and personal research led them to search for a company that could provide organic, whole food supplements that were not compromised with synthetic and isolated ingredients. Not finding any that met their standards, together they started NutriPlex Formulas, Inc. Her husband, Vic Shayne, PhD,  took on the Research and Development part of the business, and Janice took on the administrative part, based on her business background.

In 1998, Janice and Vic opened the Nutrition Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, and for more than 25 years conducted food research and provided consultation to doctors and clients.

In 2009, Janice Shayne became the CEO of NutriPlex Formulas and in 2021 she began studying regenerative farming as a way to wean the earth off of synthetic, toxic fertilizers and pesticides that are destroying the environment. Much of her exploration into regenerative farming is related to carbon sequestration, a way in which the plant kingdom, with the help of committed and savvy farmers, can restore delicate soils and clean the air and water.

Janice is currently launching NutriPlex Formulas’ next phase of growth and expansion, including a comprehensive educational program for natural healthcare professionals.