This little-known flower can restore your vital tissues

In formulating our Caro-C supplement, we wanted to choose ingredients that are beneficial for supporting and regenerating tissues of the skin, internal organs, and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

With this in mind, we included wild pansy, a little-known flower that grows on the shores and islands along the Gulf of Finland. It also happens to have one of the highest concentrations of a helpful flavonoid called rutin.

Rutin – wild pansy’s powerful flavonoid

Rutin is a flavonoid, which is a food property that protects against health issues like coronary heart disease, cancers, eye diseases, lung problems, and inflammatory bowel disease.

When you eat foods rich in flavonoids, you provide our bodies with an array of antioxidants (molecules that defend against oxygen-robbers called “free radicals”). This protects the cellular integrity of your internal organs, blood vessels, smooth muscle tissues, and skin. Antioxidants also lend a powerful boost to the immune system.

Every flavonoid is a little different and rutin is especially good at targeting capillaries, strengthening blood vessel walls, and improving skin health and elasticity. This can be helpful with issues such as bruising, incontinence, and hemorrhoids.

Beyond Rutin – Additional Beneficial Phytochemicals

In addition to rutin, wild pansy includes other helpful phytochemicals like violutoside, violanthin, scoparin, orientin, violaxnathin, triterpene saponins, methyl-salicylic acid, flavonoids, tannins, coumarin. Each has powerful properties that protect our bodies against disease and destruction.

Find Wild Pansy in Caro-C

Add wild pansy to your daily routine with Caro-C to benefit skin, organs, and overall health. In addition to wild pansy, Caro-C also includes many other flavonoid and anti-oxidant-rich foods such as dandelion, Shiitake mushrooms, echinacea, and bilberry.

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