Our Manufacturing

We do not irradiate, sterilize or use high heat or chemical extraction. And we do not use stearates in tableting because these act as trans fats in the cells.

Since we provide nutrient-dense foods, we do not want to harm the natural nutrients by processing them in such a way that thwarts our goals of producing whole food products rich in active & live nutrients.

Ours is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic certified laboratory with certifications by NSF, NPA, and QAI. This exceeds what is necessary and what nearly all other supplement manufacturers do!

Our whole food supplements are manufactured in one of the most sophisticated scientific laboratories. We perform more than 15 different types of scientific tests on each product run, including dissolution studies (how long tablets break down in digestion), microbial testing, USDA multiple inspection and many more.

“The way we approach health care and the creation of our products is beyond unique. Being the biggest and flashiest isn’t our motivation – but being the BEST is.”
— Janice Shayne CEO, founder of NutriPlex