FemPlex and Fish Oils: Two Formulas that Equal Mood Stability

Female hormones have been known to leave women in prolonged states of agitation, depression, anxiety, confusion, stress, and so forth – often tremendously impacting the quality of their lives. Hormones have the ability to sap energy from the body or supercharge it into a state of frenzy. They’re often responsible for causing forgetfulness or hyper-vigilance. They can make women feel insane – or feel like everyone else is.

Often, it’s a nutritional imbalance that throws the hormones out of whack – which is actually good news. It means that if the female hormonal system is provided the nutrients it needs, it will not only reduce or do away with the unpleasant physical symptoms that often accompany a woman’s menstrual cycle, but it will also stabilize hormonally impacted mood and energy levels.

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While the ingredients within FemPlex have been individually researched to relax the nervous system and reduce the severity of hormonally related mood swings, the fatty acids that comprise Fish Oils profoundly impact serotonin levels and brain function. Used in conjunction, NutriPlex Formulas’ Fish Oils and FemPlex products can have a powerful effect on the psyche.