Whole Food or Super Greens – Which Multivitamin is Best for Your Lifestyle?

NutriPlex Formulas offers two multivitamins, formulated specifically to support overall health and well-being: Super Greens and Whole Food.

Taken together, as a part of a daily health regimen, you’ll enjoy a wide range of health benefits. These result from the intake of powerful ingredients containing numerous highly potent nutrients.

But, if you want to just choose one, you may prefer the multivitamin that benefits certain bodily systems or aspects of your health more than the other.

To make your decision process easier, take our simple assessment – or just read below for a more thorough comparison of Super Greens and Whole Food.

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For starters, if you choose to avoid animal products, Super Greens is your clear choice for a multivitamin – as it is completely vegan.

Otherwise, you may find it helpful to make a decision between the two, based on your lifestyle.

Super Greens

Because it contains an abundance of green foods, Super Greens is highly beneficial to individuals whose diets are lacking in chlorophyll and antioxidants. The ingredients within Super Greens also serve as superior detoxifiers – excellent for individuals living in cities or working in environmentally toxic environments.

Active individuals may also find Super Greens to be more beneficial for them, as its ingredients work to replenish the body’s electrolytes – ideal for those who often perspire (or cope with kidney issues).

Whole Food

Whole Food, on the other hand, contains more complete proteins – highly beneficial for those whose diets are low in protein.

Whole Food‘s ingredient list also comprises simpler foods that are easy for the body to break down, meaning it may prove to be a bit gentler on those with digestive sensitivities (such as children and the elderly).

Along the same lines, the bonemeal within Whole Food is especially helpful for those with musculoskeletal concerns – such as those experiencing bone loss as they age.


Both Super Greens and Whole Food are available in powder (as well as in tablet) form, to make consumption even more convenient.