What is the best supplement? This may surprise you.

by Vic Shayne, PhD

I once had an acquaintance – not really quite a friend – who I’ll call Dave. He told me he went into a restaurant and the server told him that they served the best food.

Dave stared at the server for a moment and then asked, “Are your foods organic and free of chemicals?”

The server stared back a bit uncomfortable, stuttered, and said, “No, I don’t think so. No.”

In reply, Dave said, “Then you don’t have the best food. How can you say it’s the best if it contains toxic chemicals that are going to poison me?”

Well, you may think that this was rude or even hostile. But if we think a little deeper here, it seems my friend was making a valid point. And so I started to think about this in terms of NutriPlex Formulas’ supplements. What makes them so good? Certainly, we create supplements with organic foods, so we are not adding to your, or your patients’ toxic burden. That’s a huge plus.

And, we do not use synthetic ingredients, which are not foods and also burden the body. Plus, we do not use fillers and tableting agents that are foreign substances or which interfere with the digestion or cause your white blood cells to become activated to fight foreign invaders.

Lastly, we do not infuse our organic whole foods with isolated vitamins, minerals, aminos, or other so-called nutrients just to standardize them to some artificial pharmaceutical levels.

So, if you want the best supplements, I’ve given you a few things to consider. The “best” is not about milligrams, pharmaceutical grades, standardization, or marketing. It is about quality, nutrient value, wholeness, and toxin-free food.