Whole Food: the comprehensive multi-nutrient formula every patient can use.

by Dr. Vic Shayne

I wrote a book several years ago called Illness Isn’t Caused by a Drug Deficiency. The title is quirky, I must admit, but I was making an important point that seems to go unnoticed unless we, as natural healthcare doctors, state it clearly: People need real nutrients from real plants (and animals) in order to maintain good health and fight illness. This is why we formulated Whole Food as a supplement.

We all know that most people do not eat the right nutrients every day. This eventually leads to a system-wide breakdown of health and energy. It’s an epidemic problem, as you know.

Whole Food contains an array of whole, natural, organic foods that help bring essential life-supporting, disease-fighting, immune-building nutrients into the body. The body then takes these nutrients through the digestive system and distributes them throughout the cells.

Ultimately, it would be wonderful if everyone just ate a well-rounded, nutrient-dense diet. But they don’t. So when they come in to see you, please take the opportunity to provide them with the building blocks of health in this one, power-packed formula.

Despite any drugs prescribed by your patient’s physician, he/she still needs nature’s whole foods, right? Whole Food offers your patients comprehensive, broad nutritional coverage