The ancient Upanishads teach that we are all ‘Food Bodies’

One of the most ancient collections of manuscripts in world history are the Upanishads from India. These teachings make reference to “food bodies.” The philosophy is simple yet overlooked in our modern society: Life lives on life, and that is the natural cycle keeping nature in balance, sustaining and perpetuating all of existence as we know it.

This same philosophy of the Upanishads is the one that Janice Shayne, CEO, NutriPlex Formulas, has been teaching and abiding by for the past 21 years. It is the reason why her products contain only whole foods and nothing artificial. That which is artificial does not – and cannot – sustain life.

The body of a plant feeds on animals, and many animals also feed on the bodies of other animals. Insects, micro-organisms, and plants feed on the the bodies of all forms of life, keeping everything in balance. In essence, then, each living being feeds off of other living beings, and each being has something else feeding off of it.

Our bodies, as biological organisms, feed off of plants and animals. At the same time, the elements of nature feed off our bodies. Thus, according to the Upanishads, we are food bodies eating other food bodies.This is the intelligence of nature.

Because this system of food bodies is a closed system, it contains all the nutrients needed to heal, sustain, and promote health throughout the food chain and with all life forms, if kept pure.

Now here is the most important point in this lesson from the Upanishads: The food body represents the most natural of cycles. But when you add in synthetic nonfoods to the food body cycle, there is a huge and terrible problem that results. And this is what’s being done in our modern era: People are eating something other than real foods, such as ice cream, boxed cereal, pasteurized milk, macaroni and cheese, and on and on. And, food bodies such as wheat, grain, rice, and greens are being feed synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Your body, which is a food body, is meant only to consume other food bodies. This ancient wisdom from the Upanishads holds the key to all life and health. And this is why we at NutriPlex Formulas do not mix in nonfoods with our whole food formulas. Our products, therefore, are not “food-based,” but rather whole food. We are an integral part of the beautiful intelligence of nature.