Super Greens vs. Green Nutrients: What’s the Difference?

Super Greens and Green Nutrients: It’s easy to confuse these two products, if only because both names refer to their green-food ingredients. And while they do have some benefits in common – such as supplementing diets lacking in green minerals – their purposes are unique.

The Ingredients within Green Nutrients were Chosen for Their High Levels of Alkalinity

Research has proven that illness and disease (including cancers and issues concerning the urinary tract, respiratory system, and so forth) thrive in an acidic environment – but perish in the opposite, an alkaline, environment.

The types of foods that contribute to an acidic environment are sugars, alcohols, processed foods, refined flours, meat, and so on. All of these have low pH levels and therefore bring about the ideal situation for health problems initiated by acids.

Dr. Vic Shayne formulated Green Nutrients with the intent of providing green vegetables that contain minerals with a positive charge so that they offer an alkaline balance to not only acids in the diet but also metabolic acids and environmental toxins.

The Ingredients within Super Greens were Chosen for their Superior Level of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that destroy free radicals – the cell-damaging entities that lead to disease, tissue deterioration, and other maladies.

Because free radicals are produced in the body as a reaction to not only a refined and toxic diet – but by stress, environmental pollution, smoking, and so forth – the body is constantly running through its stock of antioxidants.

The 18 super foods used in the Super Greens formula were chosen for their high antioxidant values, meant to overwhelm and destroy free radicals, and then reverse their deleterious effects.


While Super Greens contains numerous green foods, those particular ingredients were included within the formula (along with other, non-green super foods) for the specific purpose of destroying free radicals. Super Greens also features a few excellent sources of alkaline minerals, but not as many as those in Green Nutrients.

Because free radicals are so prevalent in most living environments and lifestyles – and because Super Greens contains such a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients – Super Greens is often recommended to patients as a substitute for a “multi” vitamin. It is also used to supply electrolytes needed in athletics, manual labor and chronic illness.

Green Nutrients‘ purpose is more specific and generally recommended to patients suffering from disease or illness, as well as for patients whose diets are lacking in green vegetables.