Strengthen Your Entire Body with Super Greens

As children, we’re told to eat our vegetables, so that we can grow up to be strong and healthy. As adults, though, we tend to forget that the same nutrients we relied upon to become strong and healthy are needed to maintain good health. And many of us don’t get enough of them. 

Many vegetables – and particularly green vegetables – are ample in antioxidants, substances that prevent the damage free radicals can cause to the body. Without antioxidants, free radicals are capable of causing myriad illnesses and diseases, destroying tissues, mutating DNA, damaging cells, and so forth.

super greens vegetarian multivitamin for every body system

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Unfortunately, free radicals are easily produced within the body as a result of poor or inadequate nutrition, refined diets, environmental pollutants, smoking, drugs and alcohol, medications, and so forth – making it easy for them to proliferate at dangerous speeds.


On the flip side, though, the abundance of certain green foods in the diet can boost health, helping your body recover from numerous ailments, defend against destructive aging processes, and improve the function of every body system.

With more than 18 “super” foods packed into it – including antioxidant-rich green foods, cereal grasses, and herbs – NutriPlex Formulas’ Super Greens is ideal for those looking to help uplift their overall health.

Because Super Greens‘ ingredients contain so many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other nutrients, they’re able to benefit every body system. For this reason, Super Greens can easily be regarded as a powerful daily supplement, especially valuable to vegetarians looking for a “multi” vitamin free of animal products.