Our simple nutritional message

by Vic Shayne, PhD
NutriPlex Formulas Inc

I am sure you share this same situation as me: Over the years you have tried to find a way to simplify your message – what you say to people – so they can quickly assess whether what you are offering is right for them and they understand exactly what you do. So here I am about to give you the briefest of brief descriptions of what NutriPlex Formulas whole food supplements do and why very few practitioners get what we are all about (it’s true, we’re just not for everyone).

A couple of decades ago when I was in clinical practice I could not find whole food supplements that did not have isolates and synthetics mixed in with the foods. This was a problem, because my philosophy is that *nature creates foods out of an evolutionary process, in modest quantities*, and this is what the human body is meant to ingest and digest. So I created the formulas for NutriPlex Formulas.

*That’s it. That’s the mainstay of my message.*

Here are a couple more details for you *Not everyone gets this idea* of whole foods and the way they heal. This is because we have been inundated by the medical, reductionist model that tells us that manmade chemicals are better than what nature provides. The body innately knows this is not true.

NutriPlex Formulas is a small company that works closely with our practitioners so they can help their patients. You have questions and we work with you to answer them for everyone’s benefit.

*Almost ALL food supplements are spiked with artificial ingredients,* (read the labels and see) including isolated vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Parts of foods are not foods, so this practice is very misleading, disingenuous, and problematic. Because of my clinical background and research, I understand that foods are made in nature and are in harmony with the body. When doctors alter them or add to them in a laboratory then they create imbalances in the product, which creates imbalances in the patient. We simply do not do this.

If you are a practitioner, please call, email, or write to us so you can use our formulas in your clinical practice. If you are not a practitioner, you can just ask your doctor for his code so you can buy from us directly online, or you can get our formulas from his/her office.

Each product is made only of organic food without artificial or isolated ingredients. The human body knows the difference.

Thanks for reading