Medical treatment or health care?

by Vic Shayne, PhD

There has been a lot of debate about having a better national healthcare plan, but to my mind, there is no such thing. Medical treatment is not health care.

There is a fundamental error in thinking caused by decades of psychological conditioning by the medical and pharmaceutical industries that has led people to believe that modern medicine somehow practices health care. It does not. At best it is medical treatment. There’s a big difference, as you well know. And, I think this is something we as natural healthcare providers need to speak more about to our patients and clients. It’s also something we need to get clear in our own thinking and practice.

We all know what medical treatment is. It is based upon a reductionist paradigm that erroneously considers the human body to be an individual mechanical entity that can be treated like a machine – replace a part here and there, use a drug to attack inflammation, indiscriminately kill good cells while treating cancer, and so on. This paradigm is the reason why iatrogenic causes are the third leading contributors of premature death and illness in this country. People get sick and die from medical treatment – not health care. If the human body could speak in a language that people understand, then it would say that medical treatment is unnatural and problematic to the core.

Health care does not promise a cure. It doesn’t need to, because good health is not equivalence to the absence of disease. If you are feeling good and your body is well, you don’t walk around claiming, “I have no diseases!” Instead, you say, “I am healthy.”

Of course there are some medical interventions that are helpful in saving lives and putting broken pieces back together, but the truth remains that nearly all health conditions require a holistic approach and not the reductionism of modern medicine.

The human body is part and parcel of a universal system of life. We are inseparable from nature, other people, and even objects. We’re all in this together. Everything that exists does so as part of one movement of consciousness. If you were to look through a very powerful instrument you would see that there is no actual dividing line between the human body (or any other body or object) and the surrounding environment. All just flows into the “all.”

The body and mind require holism for optimal health and healing. The first on the list is nature’s unadulterated foods. And, of course, this is what you find in your garden or an organic farm – and in our NutriPlex Formulas whole food supplements. Janice Shayne and I think holistically, and we understand that this is what you and your patients require. Our entire lives are dedicated to this philosophy, from the electric car we drive to the organic foods we eat to the wind power we use for electricity.

When you add isolates to your foods or supplements then you are not acting in accord with the undeniable system of holism – health care – by which we all live and thrive. Isolates include individual vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and so on. Parts of foods are not foods. They are chemicals that the body regards as pharmacological agents and must “figure out” how to utilize. Like drugs, all isolates – even vitamin pills and isolated vitamins mixed in with foods – cause side effects.

When you use a product that is whole food-based, this means that the product is food mixed in – spiked – with isolates. It is not whole food. There are no isolated ingredients that exist anywhere in the whole of nature. Every vitamin is contained within a complex within a plant. Only the hubris of modern science has led people (including doctors and scientists) to believe that man is wiser, and knows more, than nature. But there is no way to best nature – no way to interfere without causing side effects. Once you introduce an isolated chemical into the body you begin to play a game of chemistry that is unpredictable and problematic.

When someone walks into your office, what do you see – a machine or a person? The answer is obvious to anyone who practices holism. We are in the health care field, so we can’t afford to practice medical treatment and hope for the same success. The body knows the difference!