Looking for optimum nutrition for fitness and health? The best supplements are foods.

by Vic Shayne, PhD

The human body, for health, fitness, and optimum nutrition, needs foods and not vitamin pills. This may sound a bit confusing if you’re not sure what a vitamin really is. To begin with, a vitamin is a part of a food. It does not exist inside of any natural food all by itself. Instead, it resides in foods alongside other nutrients such as subvitamins, minerals, trace minerals, carotenoids, flavonoids, and more. What does this mean to you and your health?

When you take a nutritional supplement the main goal is to increase the nutrients coming into your body. However, almost all nutritional supplements are made of chemicals and not foods. A food is created in nature, but a vitamin is created in a laboratory. AND a vitamin, if natural, is found inside a food, but it is only effective because of the other food constituents (co-helpers, or helper nutrients). None of these exist in vitamin pills. See the difference? This is why you need whole food supplements that do not contain any isolated, laboratory-made chemicals mixed together in a chemical soup.

Your body definitely knows the difference between such chemicals and nature’s foods. This is because your body is a biological entity, just like the food it is intended to eat. Health is produced when the body is getting what it is designed to consume, not when it is eating chemicals made in a laboratory, even when such chemicals resemble vitamins.

Health is a complex thing and cannot be created by scientists in a laboratory. And health begins with the foods in your daily diet. Fitness, weight loss, and all the rest require real food nutrients from real foods. It sounds simple, but it’s made complicated.

Optimum nutrition is realized by eating nature’s whole, nutrient-dense foods in a variety. This means the basics: a variety of vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts, and some grains. If you like the idea of eating meat, then eat it in smaller quantities. And, all of your food should be grown without the use of artificial chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and genetic engineering. None of these things are natural, and all of them make you unhealthy. Forget the silly food pyramid because it was designed by people influenced by corporate interests, and just eat what nature provides without the interference of science.

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