Is Stress Overwhelming YOUR Adrenal Glands?

As primitive peoples, our stresses in life predominately involved interactions with predators, in which our fight or flight responses were necessary and kicked in to ensure our best chance of survival.

In the modern era, our stressors have switched from mostly physical to mostly mental and emotional – but our chemical processes remain the same.

When we’re stressed, neurotransmitters course from our brains and through our bodies, to release hormones (like cortisol) from our adrenal glands that prepare us for fight or flight.

While this may have been helpful back in the day, modern people are dealing with so many more stressors now than before that our bodies have learned to be constantly on alert – always at the ready to deal with the next stressor.

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The Problem: This constant pumping of stress hormones wears out the adrenal glands, leading to adrenal fatigue and inflammation.

You might recognize Adrenal Fatigue when you stand up too quickly and feel like you might pass out; or when you’re always feeling tired, despite a full night of sleep. (See our infographic for more symptoms)

To fend off adrenal fatigue, we need to fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need to work properly. NutriPlex Formulas’ AdrenaPlex was formulated with a combination of nutrient-dense foods that have been proven to support adrenal function and keep your body’s coping mechanisms efficient and productive.

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