How FemPlex Soothes PMS Symptoms

From mood swings to migraines and everything in between, an estimated 95 percent of women endure a number of symptoms every month, related to their menstrual cycles. More often than not, a hormonal imbalance is to blame.

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Approximately every 24 to 35 days, a woman’s menstrual cycle begins anew. Just before the bleeding begins, she experiences a drop in the amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones her body is producing. This triggers a flurry of bodily reactions, which cause her to become more susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, prostaglandin imbalance, environmental toxins, and so on – leading to discomfort and/or pain.

But through proper nutrition, it’s possible to ease the amount of suffering that occurs.¬†

The nutrients contained within NutriPlex Formulas’ female-support supplement, FemPlex, have been shown to lessen the severity of symptoms at the cellular level, helping to balance hormones and resupply the body with nutrients that are commonly found to be deficient and contributing to menstrual-period discomfort.