Help your patients defend themselves.

by Dr. Vic Shayne, formulator

Over the past 30 years or so I’ve known a good number of doctors who begin every nutritional program with a detox. Is this a good idea? I suppose there’s a question behind this question: Why is a detox diet necessary?

If you do a little search on the internet you’ll find a great variety of detox diets, ranging from fasts with lemon juice and salt water to special formulas (such as cascara sagrada and psyllium husks) that promote bowel elimination.

My first inclination based on clinical experience is to assess the health and needs of each patient individually, and then you can start them off on a detox program.

The biggest concern for us in the natural healthcare field is to take seriously that axiom that most doctors have ignored or forgotten: “First do no harm.” That being said, you want to make sure your patient is stable and healthy enough to bear a detox program. Tread lightly with the elderly, the very young, or anyone with a more serious illness.

This brings us to NutriPlex Formulas’ Vital Defense supplement.

What is the goal of offering a detox program?

There is one main goal when it comes to detoxifying: To reset the body by eliminating offending foods, chemicals, and lifestyle habits. This means for at least 11 days (a lifetime is better, but let’s take baby steps) get rid of:

  • Refined Sugar
  • Refined Foods
  • Household and personal care products that are toxic (that contain artificial ingredients)
  • All artificial ingredients (read all food labels carefully)
  • Animal products
  • The above will ease the digestion so that the body can cleanse itself.

Step Two with Vital Defense

My purpose in formulating Vital Defense was to serve a few purposes all at once:

  1. Feed the liver (this is the organ that bears the brunt of keeping toxins out of the body)
  2. Promote detoxification by providing the whole foods and herbs known to rid the body of offensive chemicals
  3. Provide a safe, effective formula (remember our motto: “First do no harm.”)

What are we detoxing from?

Human bodies are always working hard. Cells never get a rest, the heart does not stop beating, the brain is constantly sending out signals. Blood is always pumping, and the liver and kidneys are always cleaning house. When the patient’s diet is filled with non-foods and non-productive foods, then the organs of elimination are taxed. When this happens we can see the development of a good many health issues, from joint pain to cancer. It’s a rather wide array of problems.

Vital Defense has certain foods and herbs that are used in Phase II detoxification in which fat-soluble toxins are chemically changed into water-soluble molecules that can be flushed out of the body through the kidney, lungs, and bowels. At the same time, it supports the liver with important vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and amino acids.

Vital Defense is the very first product to consider for:

  • All detox programs
  • All serious illnesses
  • All issues concerning organs of elimination
  • All liver issues
  • All diets that include non-foods
  • All patients who take drugs (recreational or prescription)

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