For Bone Health: Calcium is Not Nearly Enough

To avoid trouble with their bones, most people will opt to include more calcium in their diets. But while calcium is essential to obtaining good bone health, it cannot do the job alone.

There are dozens of nutrients that work in conjunction to build, repair, and maintain bone health — a great many of which can be found listed on ProMin‘s ingredient panel in food form: calcium; vitamins A, C, D, E and K; phosphorus; silicon; iron; potassium; boron; magnesium; manganese; selenium; zinc; copper; etc.

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Here’s a Guide to a Few of Them:

Phosphorus — As vital to bone health as calcium. In fact, to render calcium the most effective at creating and restoring bone health, it must be paired with phosphorus — the two are considered co-dependent, as more than half of all bone comprises phosphate.

Silicon — Especially important for maintaining adequate bone density and in promoting optimal production of type 1 collagen (the type of connective tissue found in bone and skin). It’s also required to create chondroitin sulfate in the cartilage, bone and skin.

Vitamin K (Specifically vitamin K2) — Considered critical to bone health and is also key to calcium’s functionality. Without it, the regulation of calcium is disrupted. Vitamin K2 has been found to reduce bone fractures and even improve bone architecture, bone mass and bone strength.

Magnesium — Actually the nutrient responsible for making bones and teeth harder. Not only does calcium rely upon magnesium to be absorbed and metabolized, but it also stimulates the thyroid’s calcitonin production, which works to preserve bones. Additionally, magnesium serves to activate vitamin D (which is also required for healthy bones).

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