BFood vs. Cell Power: What’s the Difference?

Over the years, we’ve had numerous people ask us what the difference is between BFood and Cell Power. Both NutriPlex Formulas’ products fight fatigue.

But when it comes to fighting exhaustion, the difference between BFood and Ceexhaustedll Power is in the different types of energy issues they address.


Even if having low energy one day feels the same as having low energy another day, the two bouts of exhaustion may have different causes.

Cell Power uses food nutrients to combat problems related to issues such as a weakened immune system, chronic illness, physical injury, and hormonal difficulties. Thus, if your exhaustion is caused by such issues as being “run down” with a cold or a debilitating injury, you will benefit from taking Cell Power. To promote energy production within the cells, the adaptogenic herbs contained within Cell Power support both the immune system and the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis – which is responsible for a wide range of glandular functions.

BFood fights exhaustion caused by a deficiency in the B-vitamin complex, which is needed in the production of cellular energy by metabolizing carbohydrates. Because the majority of the United States is deficient in B vitamins, it is common for most people to experience this kind of exhaustion, often recognized as resulting from factors such as high stress levels or the “crash” from too much caffeine. Other needs for B vitamins include sleep issues, anxiety, attention deficit, and high-stress levels – all of which contribute to fatigue.

Here’s a handy guide as to which product to take for what kind of fatigue:

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