Become a Certified Whole Food Nutritionist

In this self-paced course you will learn the basics of holism as well as how to use nutrition instead of isolated vitamins for healing and prevention. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare provider or someone with a passion for natural solutions to health concerns, this course can change your life and the life of those you help.

Become a Certified Whole Food Healing Practitioner, help more patients, and double your income — by fully understanding how nature’s foods work to create cellular health, healing and disease prevention.

This course offers you the most efficient plan for helping more patients by embracing the fundamental philosophy of holism, allowing you to take control of your own health, renew your passion for natural healthcare, and feed the body what it has evolved to accept as real nutrition. If you are a healthcare provider, this course will give your practice a boost, elevate your status and income, and allow you to take a quantum leap in the way you help your patients and clients. If you’re interested in life enrichment, this course will open your eyes to what your body needs for optimum health!

Learn what universities still refuse to teach yet is the foundation of health and disease prevention.

Researchers with the National Institutes of Health report that most chronic health conditions are preventable and are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and insufficient nutrients in the daily diet. We need to think holistically and recognize how a multiplicity of factors affect our health and happiness. Eighty percent of the population wants to live in a better state of health but people just do not know how to pursue it.

This course shows you an easy, time-tested, simple and traditional way to be healthy and overcome the most pressing illnesses by uncovering the benefits of Nature’s whole foods and healthy lifestyle choices.

In our information-packed lessons (plus bonus information) you’ll come away with enough information to transform your health and the health of others! Your life is about to change for the better…

(This course satisfies 10 to 30 credits of continuing education requirements for Chiropractic in Colorado and other states. Check with your state board for specific requirements).