Astragalus: Super herb for your immune system

The herb astragalus is an ancient plant that is a core ingredient in NutriPlex Formulas’ Immune Support supplement. Its benefits have been praised in the earliest books on plants used for medicines. Today, astragalus is considered one of the most powerful immune system boosters.

Attacks on the immune system

When the immune system is weak, the body is vulnerable to all sorts of health issues. A chronically depressed immune system leads to more serious diseases. Primarily, these health problems begin to develop when the body’s cells and organs are unable to optimally carry out their functions of destroying threatening chemicals. If this process is interrupted or slowed down, the result is increased inflammation, infections from viruses and bacteria, or toxic-buildup in the tissues.

Symptoms of a weak immune system

Simply stated, when your immune system is run-down, you don’t feel well. It takes energy to fight off pollutants, process artificial ingredients, deal with too many sugars in the diet, get rid of bacteria and viruses, and even to recover from too much alcohol or a lack of proper sleep.

All complaints related to immune system sluggishness may benefit from astragalus.

Astragalus protects against stressors

Astragalus is an adaptogen, a kind of plant that guards our immune system against chemicals in the environment as well as those within the body that are called stressors – substances that stress the cells, tissues, and organs.

Stressors affect us on physical, emotional, chemical and biological levels. They also cause a hormonal reaction that heightens inflammation, which has been linked to all major diseases, from cardiovascular issues to cancer.

Astragalus’ usefulness also comes from powerful antioxidants called polysaccharides. These types of antioxidants protect the body from disease and injury by stopping dangerous molecules (free radicals) from stealing oxygen from the cells.

Additional benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus is truly a “super food,” because it has been proven not only to support the immune system as a whole, but also to protect every organ and tissue in the body. Thus, it has been shown to protect against radiation used for cancer treatment, and boost the health of the kidneys, lungs, brain, digestive system, liver, spleen, and heart. It has also been studied for its ability to kill viruses, bacteria, and other foreign invaders that cause the most common illnesses.

How Astragalus makes Immune Support so useful

When formulating Immune Support, astragalus was one of the first ingredients we knew we wanted to include. We’ve placed it alongside other powerful immune builders such as acerola cherry (high in vitamin C), carrot, garlic, Maitake mushroom, green tea, and echinacea.

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