Always Tired? 3 Foods That Will Wake You Up

Whether the fatigue is mental, emotional, or physical, it’s hard to enjoy life when you’re just dragging yourself through each day – let alone be productive.

But with the proper nutrition, you can maintain a balanced energy throughout your 9-to-5 and into the weekend. And without the jitters and crashes of five cups of coffee or downing your favorite sugar-filled energy drink.

NutriPlex Formulas’ Cell Power formula contains powerful foods and herbs, combined to provide you with lasting energy.

Take a look at these three of the ingredients for some insight as to how Cell Power gets the job done:

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Ginseng Root

Traditionally used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, ginseng root is a known energy booster. According to Margaret Powell’s article, “Safely Boost Your Energy Reserves,” in Life Extension magazine, ginseng works on a cellular basis to boost the body’s ATP levels.

Powell writes, “Think of ATP as the tiny ‘batteries’ that our bodies use to store and move energy.” And when we’re fatigued, it’s because the body is running low on ATP.

Ginseng works especially well in creating ATP when oxygen is more available to the system, such as during cardiovascular exercise – making this a great tool for athletes and fitness-enthusiasts.


Gingko Biloba

Among the oldest living species of trees, Ginkgo Biloba has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years, and improves cognitive function, treats Alzheimer’s, and improves emotional disorders that often lead to mental and emotional exhaustion.

For its profound effects on mental and cognitive health, Ginkgo Biloba has been commonly referred to as the “brain herb.”


Gentian Root

Witha  2,000-year-old history of healing, Gentian Root has come in handy for numerous ailments, including as an anecdote to poison, to stimulate liver function, and to improve digestion. It has also been widely used to increase energy levels and fight off physical and mental exhaustion.

Gentian Root attacks fatigue at a cellular level, which in turn, invigorates the circulatory, digestive, and detoxification processes. It’s known to revitalize those who are feeling sluggish throughout their entire system.


Stimulants work by causing your adrenal glands to secrete more adrenaline – ultimately depleting your health and leaving you with adrenal fatigue through consistent usage. The ingredients within Cell Power have been used for thousands of years to build health rather than merely to create a stimulant effect. Such herbs as ginseng, ginkgo, and gentian root (included in the formula) work within the cells to create balanced energy without the side effects.