3 Ingredients That Make FemPlex the Best Supplement for Female Health

With so many supplements designed specifically for women, it can be tough to separate the good from the worthless and the best from the helpful. A popular choice among practitioners specializing in female health, as well as general wellness physicians, is NutriPlex Formulas’ FemPlex.

FemPlex has long been regarded a top-shelf formula that supports female hormonal balance without the inclusion of problematic isolates or synthetics.

Comprising 100-percent whole food ingredients, each thoroughly researched to ensure its safety, FemPlex offers women maximum efficacy in building, maintaining, and restoring female health.

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Take a look at three of FemPlex‘s ingredients that illustrate the potential of using the formula as a powerful tool – from puberty through post-menopause:

Dong Quai – A popular herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dong Quai has served both men’s and women’s hormonal health. For women, this herb has been found to restore regularity to estrogen levels, treat iron deficiencies that often lead to abnormal menstrual flows, and regulate monthly cycles after ending birth control—pill usage. Dong Quai also works as an anti-spasmodic, relaxing muscles that frequently cramp during PMS. Additionally, it is known to lessen the severity of mood swings and enhance fertility.

Chastetree Berry – Long used in central Asia, Chastetree Berry has a 2,000-year history of addressing hormonal problems in women. Among its many healing properties, this berry balances progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. It is also attributed with enhancing fertility, promoting milk production after birth, and even reducing uterine cysts. Chastener Berry also helps relieve many symptoms of PMS and menopause (such as hot flashes).

Squaw Vine – Originally relied upon by various Native American tribes, Squaw Vine has gained notoriety amongst herbalists for being a powerful women’s health resource. Squaw Vine has been reported as soothing for all complaints uterine – relaxing and fortifying uterine walls to easing menstrual craving and inducing suppressed menstruation. It is also known to help relieve bloating.