Vital Defense vs. Immune Support – What’s the Difference?

One of the most common questions our practitioners have is about the difference between Immune Support and Vital Defense. They both help stave off illness and promote healing – aren’t they pretty much the same?

No, not really. In fact, the two can be used separately or even in conjunction to create and maintain good health.

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The ingredients within Immune Support feed the body the nutrients it needs to bolster the immune system, making the immune system capable of fighting off free radicals, toxins, viruses, infections, and harmful bacteria. The nutrients within Immune Support promote healing, enhance white blood cell response, and can be pivotal in preventing illness.

Rather than directly supporting the immune system, Vital Defense works to fortify the eliminatory system – providing primary support to the liver. The ingredients within Vital Defense are perfect for detoxifying the body from poisons and toxins that lead to illness, as well as eliminating wastes from the body that build up from natural processes. Without eliminating these, they accumulate in the body, overwhelming the liver and thus affecting the health of nearly every other body system.

Used individually, these supplements are powerful in supporting overall health – Immune Support for defending, maintaining, and repairing the immune system, and Vital Defense for detoxifying the body via the liver. Together, though, the two make a pretty efficient team: In the event of illness, the nutrients within Immune Support fight and kill the virus, harmful bacteria, toxins, and so forth that are responsible for the sickness – and then those within Vital Defense work toward cleansing the carnage from the body.