How cow glandular boost energy levels

The key to boosting energy levels and reducing stress can be found in the adrenal glands of cows. Glands are bodily organs that secrete hormones. Clinical use of bovine adrenal glands by nutritionists have made clear their positive effects on the human adrenal system.

Our adrenal glands are under constant pressure

Our adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and have much to do with providing energy. In times of sudden stress, the adrenals release a hormone called adrenaline that supplies immediate strength, speed, and energy. In response, the adrenals excrete a hormone called cortisol to lower stress.

However, when there’s excessive or repetitive stress, cortisol creates inflammation and wears out the adrenal glands – leading to chronic fatigue and low energy. Symptoms include always feeling tired, being overwhelmed by stress, or feeling like you’re blacking out when you stand up. More serious illnesses such as Addison’s Disease and Cushing’s Syndrome can occur as well.

Bovine glandulars replenish our adrenals

Consumed in the form of supplementation, bovine adrenal glandulars have been shown to replenish our adrenals and support all hormonal functions in the body. This in turn bolsters our energy reserves, reduces the strain of cortisol-triggered inflammation, and allows us to process and respond more efficiently to stress.

AdrenaPlex is the best source of bovine glandulars

The best way to support the adrenal glands is through quality supplementation with adrenal nutrition and vitamin C foods (acerola cherry).

These nutrients are contained in NutriPlex Formulas’ unique product called AdrenaPlex, used by natural healthcare practitioners nationwide. AdrenaPlex, unlike other products, uses adrenal substances from free-range, drug-free cattle to avoid toxicity and to ensure maximum nutritional value.

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