For All the Toxins in This Crazy WorldAt Least There’s Vital Defense

Most people don’t realize that from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to sleep at night, their bodies are coping with an endless stream of toxins – from the chemicals in their laundry detergents that are absorbed through their skin to the heavy metals in their tap water to the chemicals in their cosmetics and toiletries to the insecticides on their front lawns and foods to the chemical residues left from dish soap.

Now, more than ever before, it seems impossible to escape all the toxins we encounter in our average day. With literal tons of chemicals pumped into our air supply, drinking water, personal care products and foods, it’s no wonder we keep getting sick (and sicker). 

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For this reason, it’s of critical importance that we lend extra assistance to our bodies’ filtration systems. As humans, we’re designed to attack toxins naturally – but not a constant influx of them. Such quantities have begun to easily besiege and overwhelm our systems, leading to the defeat of our health.

Luckily, nature provides powerful resources to combat these foreign invaders. NutriPlex Formulas has formulated Vital Defense with ingredients proven to battle toxins from pollution, foods, the environment, and so forth.

As a result of reinforcing the body’s detoxification processes, we enjoy faster recovery from illness, healthier and more efficient livers and kidneys, faster and more productive digestion of foods and absorption of their nutrients, a bolstered immune system, greater resistance to disease, etc.

Combined with a healthy diet, Vital Defense offers an effective support to cleanse the body and help it recover faster from toxic damage.