AdrenaPlex vs. BFood: What’s the Difference?

Over the years, we’ve had numerous practitioners approach us with the same question:

What’s the difference between BFood and AdrenaPlex?


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Here’s the Answer:

The ingredients within BFood and AdrenaPlex have a multitude of healing properties and are combined into formulas in such a way as to enhance their benefits and address different health issues:

AdrenaPlex’s nutrient combination serves to support a balanced blood pressure, steroid- and sex-hormone production, liver function, muscle contraction and muscle relaxation, and more.

BFood’s nutrient combination helps control blood sugar, create hormones that burn proteins and fats, reduce inflammation, support the metabolism, support cognitive function, and more.

Both formulas address stress and fatigue – but they tackle the issues differently:



In response to stress, the adrenal glands produce quick bursts of energy to deal with a threatening (i.e. stressful) experience. The more these situations arise, the more adrenal glands work to produce energy, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and rendering them inefficient at producing energy for the body.

The ingredients within AdrenaPlex provide the adrenal glands with nutrient fuel to keep functioning efficiently – producing energy and coping with stress.




B vitamins feed the part of the brain that produces brain chemicals effecting mood and other cognitive function. The better the supply of B vitamins, the more the brain is able to regulate stress and balance the mood.

B vitamins are also used for nerve transmission – without which, the energy can’t be used throughout the body to activate muscles, nerves, brain cells, respiration, heartbeat, and so on.


Perhaps the best way to see the value of these two formulas is as two sides of the same coin. Stress and Fatigue have more than one source, just as they impact in the body in more than one way. AdrenaPlex and BFood grapple with two of their different sources.