A unique way to break down fats and cholesterol

The inability to use fats from our diets is one of the biggest health problems facing Americans today. Good fats power our nerves, brains, skin, hormones, and more. However, most of the fatty foods we eat are actually not easy for our bodies to process and we end up discarding the good along with the bad.

We need help breaking down fats like oils, butter, grease, and lipids. When we can’t properly process these substances, common symptoms occur including gas pains, indigestion, blocked arteries, poor hormonal health, nervous system problems, fatty liver, and gallbladder disease.

Get extra digestive support with ox power.

The job of properly processing fats, depends on a healthy digestive system. The human gallbladder contains a very powerful detergent called bile that is capable of breaking down stubborn fats into smaller particles to be used throughout the body, or to be eliminated if they are not useful. If the gallbladder and liver aren’t working up to speed or are overworked, reinforcements might be needed.

Ox bile is a little-known but very powerful ingredient that can be used to not only boost digestion power, but also break down cholesterol. Bile also helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, E and D), and balance helpful bacteria in the digestive tract.

Find ox bile in DigestPlex

Even though it can be extremely helpful for digestive problems, ox bile is not something you find on your average grocery store shelf. Fortunately, we’ve included it in our DigestPlex formula along with pancreatin, beets, and other ingredients that aid digestion.

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