5 Ways Beets Benefit Your Body

The nutrient complexes in beets are full of essential B vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that support many vital body functions.

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Milligrams Don’t Matter

When there’s a listing of milligrams on a nutritional supplement, it means the nutrient you’re looking for was either extracted (or “isolated”) from a food or, even worse, made synthetically in a lab.

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How Cow Glandulars Boost Energy Levels

Clinical use of bovine adrenal glands by nutritionists have made clear their positive effects on the human adrenal system.

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Super Greens vs. Green Nutrients: What’s the Difference?

While Green Nutrients and Super Greens have some benefits in common — such as supplementing diets lacking in green minerals — their purposes are unique.

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4 Ingredients that Fight the Effects of Aging

NutriPlex Formulas’ Super Greens contains 18 nutrient-dense ingredients, designed to support, rebuild, and strengthen every system in the body.

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Strengthen Your Entire Body with Super Greens

“With more than 18 “super” foods packed into it — including antioxidant-rich green foods, cereal grasses, and herbs — NutriPlex Formulas’ Super Greens is ideal for those looking to help uplift their overall health.”

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3 Reasons NutriPlex Formulas Refuses to Source Organic Ingredients from China

NutriPlex Formulas has thoroughly investigated our raw food suppliers to verify their quality, and we’ve taken immediate action to find alternative sources to Chinese organics.

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Don’t Let Indigestion Become Your Thanksgiving Tradition

Your Digestion Game Plan for Holiday Meals

Chew Slowly
Try to Fill Your Plate with Mostly Whole, Unprocessed Foods
Take DigestPlex

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Get the Most Out of Your Food with DigestPlex

As a supplement to an enzyme-depleted diet and a sluggish digestive system, while gradually restoring the health through a whole-food diet and lifestyle, DigestPlex comes in handy.

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Whole Food or Super Greens — Which Multivitamin is Best for Your Lifestyle?

NutriPlex Formulas offers two multivitamins, formulated specifically to support overall health and well-being: Super Greens and Whole Food.

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